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Screened Out Documentary

Digital connectivity is more important than ever, and today we’re seeing the very best technology has to offer. Platforms creating remote learning opportunities, playrooms and virtual experiences. Technology is facilitating digital classrooms, boardrooms, and keeping us in contact with friends, family and professional colleagues. Even long time competitors are coming together to meet needs during the pandemic.

It’s not a question of whether we should spend time looking at our screens, it’s how we can choose to spend that time in more healthy ways. Are we using it to numb our fears and anxieties, or are we using it to connect to more mindful experiences?

Screened Out is a feature-length documentary exploring how social media, smartphones, tablets and a range of platforms and devices have fundamentally changed the way we communicate and operate in the world.

It’s time to reclaim our time and attention, and develop healthy relationships with the technology driving so much of the world. Are you in?

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