The ScreenStrong Solution™

Free your kids from addictive screen habits. It’s easier than you think.

Yesterday, our kids were dressing up in princess costumes and tracking mud in the house. Today, they are lost in a virtual world, obsessed with video games, social media, and smartphones. As a result, kids are getting hurt. They have become more stressed, anxious, and depressed. And families are being pulled apart.

But it’s not too late to win back your kids.

What is ScreenStrong™?

Living ScreenStrong means your kids’ screen use is balanced. You keep the benefits of technology, but delay the harm. You hit the pause button on addictive screens (video games, social media, and smartphones) until your kids are developmentally ready.

What does screen balance look like?

  • Your child has a “take it or leave it” attitude about screens.
  • No one is arguing about screen time.
  • Your child chooses time with humans over more screen time.
  • Your child does not resist getting off screens.
  • You have a gut feeling that they are screen-balanced.
  • Your child is not lying about screen use and there is no secrecy.
  • Your child is no longer stressed or anxious as a result of screen overuse.

What are the ScreenStrong recommendations?

Minimize early exposure. Don’t let your children and teens develop an early dependency on their screens. Delay smartphones, video games, and social media through late adolescence.

Maximize relationships. Change the environment to reflect a people-centered—not screen-centered—lifestyle. Replace the virtual worlds with real relationships, real play, and real life experiences.


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