ScreenStrong™ Groups

Connecting real families with real answers to free kids from addictive screen habits.

Are you exhausted over the Fortnite war in your home?

Did you give your teen a smartphone and social media too early?

Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed?

Do your kids need some non-virtual friends?

Community is where real change happens. That’s why we encourage you to gather with other like-minded parents by forming a ScreenStrong™ Group.

We understand that life may be busy and your house may not be up to HGTV standards, but none of that matters. What matters is that you find others around you who are ready and willing to save their kids from addictive screen habits. This is about starting where you are and reaching out to those you already know who also want to rescue their kids and become a ScreenStrong™ family. We will help you start the conversation in your unique community.

What is a ScreenStrong™ group?

ScreenStrong Groups offer support and camaraderie for parents who choose to reduce and reverse the negative influence of entertainment screens (video games and social media) in their kids’ lives. These groups provide a framework of education and support for like-minded families who want to balance the benefits of technology, while reducing the risks of digital dangers and addiction.

Who are ScreenStrong™ groups meant for?

This group is for you, if you:

• Have preschool kids and want to prevent future problems.

• Have kids in elementary through middle-school and want a group to stand together to delay entertainment screen devices, including video games and smartphones.

• Have teens who are struggling with screen overuse and addiction.

• Are a teacher/physician/counselor/pastor who wants to facilitate healthy screen use in families.

Where should these groups meet?

These small groups meet on a regular basis to create relationships around like-minded parents as they support each other. They meet in homes, schools, churches, community centers, parks, coffee houses, or wherever they can gather. You determine the frequency and location of meet ups.

What are my next steps?

Step 1

Sign up to start a group

Step 2

Read The ScreenStrong™ Solution.

Be one of the first to read “The ScreenStrong Solution: How to Free Your Child from Addictive Screen Habits.” Books are sold in bundles of five for groups.

Step 3


Gather one, two, or more families who are interested in reducing screen conflict and addictive behaviors.

You can’t do it alone! Let’s foster the growth and development of happy, healthy kids by creating a tribe with a mission to reclaim our kids from addictive screen habits.

Start your ScreenStrong™ Group today!