The ScreenStrong Solution (E-BOOK)




In The ScreenStrong Solution™, you will learn how to free your child from screen addiction and obsession. Based on scientific research and authentic experiences, Melanie Hempe, RN by trade and mother of four, lays out the step-by-step game plan you’ll need to reclaim your kids and reconnect your family. You’ll learn why your child craves screen time, what building blocks are necessary for healthy development, how to nurture the most important relationships in your child’s life, and how to replace the digital world with the real one.

The steps in this book will help you remove addictive screens from kids of all ages:

  • Toddlers who have meltdowns when you take the tablet away.
  • Elementary kids who are obsessed with YouTube.
  • Middle schoolers who think they’ll strike it rich by gaming all night.
  • Teenagers who sleep with their phones and choose the virtual world over their favorite sports, hobbies, and in-person time with the humans they love.