ScreenStrong Solution™

Yesterday, our kids were dressing up in princess costumes and tracking mud in the house. Today, they are lost in a virtual world, obsessed with video games, social media, and smartphones. As a result, kids are getting hurt. They have become more stressed, anxious, and depressed. And families are being pulled apart.

But it’s not too late to win back your kids.

Our History

Families Managing Media (FMM) is a national nonprofit organization that offers a countercultural approach to eliminating childhood screen dependency.

In 2011, Melanie Hempe uncovered the dark world of video game addiction as she realized that her son’s gaming had finally crossed the line. She set out to help other struggling families and to her surprise had over 125 parents attend her first information meeting at a local school. From that meeting, FMM was born.

Turns out, like Melanie, families everywhere were not prepared for the tidal wave of technology flooding their homes, and children and teens were being lost in the world of video games and smartphones. Parents began looking for answers to the chaos and quickly discovered that our simple solutions were resulting in life-changing experiences at home.

Through our ScreenStronginitiative, FMM has delivered hundreds of seminars throughout the country, written for local and national print magazines, and been featured on national TV and radio outlets.

Studies show that excessive screen use can lead to significant mental, physical, and social issues for young people of all ages, so ScreenStrong provides proven ideas for healthier alternatives that rebuild relationships between the child, their family, and the real world.

What does it mean to be ScreenStrong?

Living ScreenStrong means your kids’ screen use is balanced. You hit the pause button on addictive screens—video games, social media, and smartphones—keeping the benefits of technology, but delaying the harm.

What does screen balance look like?
  • Your child has a “take it or leave it” attitude about screens.
  • Your child is not arguing about screen time.
  • Your child chooses time with humans over more screen time.
  • Your child is not lying about screen use and there is no secrecy.
  • Your child is no longer stressed or anxious as a result of screen overuse.
  • Your child does not resist getting off screens.
What are the ScreenStrong recommendations?

Minimize early exposure. Don’t let your children and teens develop an early dependency on their screens. Delay smartphones, video games, and social media through late adolescence.

Maximize relationships. Change the environment to reflect a people-centered—not screen-centered—lifestyle. Replace the virtual worlds with real relationships, real play, and real life experiences.

Our Team

Melanie Hempe educates parents on the negative consequences of excessive screen use and teaches them how to incorporate healthier alternatives that rebuild relationships between their child, their…


Board Chairman

  Jonathan Daniell has been serving on the ScreenStrong Board of Directors since 2019. He has spent most of his 30 year sales and marketing…


Programs Director

Olivia Kernekin is a working professional located in Dallas, Texas. She earned a dual degree in English and Dramatic Arts from Centre College in Danville,…


Marketing Director

Mandee Hamann is a businesswoman and a former Early Childhood/Elementary pastor with an additional 10 years of youth ministry experience alongside her husband, Jeremy. After…


Speaker & ScreenStrong Ambassador

After dropping out of college due to his gaming addiction, Adam Brooker served five years in the US Army as an Infantry non-commissioned officer in…


Speaker & ScreenStrong Ambassador

Dawn has her undergraduate degree in English from Messiah College and her master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dawn Woods has been working…


Board of Directors

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Larry Hubatka

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David & Jason Benham

Ronald L. Brown, M.D.

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